Wacky Goats Northcoast Open Studios

Collection of wacky goat portraits on display at Northcoast Open Studios

Sometimes I just get a wild hair in my brush and want to make silly paintings.

Shirt Biter

When I got into this series I had been painting a bunch of portraits and had two in a row with bad proportions to the point where I scraped off two day’s work and abandoned the paintings.

Still in the mood for painting portraits I landed on goats. No goat is going to come bleating and naaaging you for getting their eyeball placed an inch away from its rightful position.

There just gonna eye you up and down, in hopes that you might look away long enough to get a bite of your shirt.

Anyway, I started having so much fun, that one portrait begat another until I had myself a herd of wacky goat paintings.

I’m not proud, it was just something that needed exorcising.

This piece along with 300 paintings (many older pieces marked down) as well as cards and prints will be on display for Northcoast Open Studios June 9 & 10, 2018. Over a hundred other artists will also be showing their work.

If you’re local, find catalogs around town or follow the link below for the online directory. Hope to see you there!

North Coast Open Studios


  1. So much character coming through each goat portrait. Can’t wait to see your studio show!

    June 8, 2018 Reply

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